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EnerCal Solutions – Re: COVID-19

Effective: 3/18/2020

To reduce the impact of COVID-19 Outbreak conditions on businesses, workers, customers and the public, we are taking precautions and are limiting public contact by conducting meetings via phone and by practicing social distancing requirements of at least six feet between people.

If you need any of our services please contact us via email at info@enercalsolutions.com or at our office phone number: (559) 846-4327.

HERS Rating Services will be conducted according to State, local jurisdictions and Certifying HERS provider protocols.

We will continue to conduct business via email, providing Title 24, Mechanical & Solar PV Design Services.

HERS Rating Services will be conducted on a case by case basis and to the extend allowed by State and Local Government.

Thank you for your understanding,
EnerCal Solutions