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The most significant changes in the 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards affecting residential buildings

Mandatory Measures:

1. Insulation in roof/ceiling construction must be at least R-22 (maximum U-factor of 0.043) (§ 150.0(a)1).
2. New duct total leakage reduced to 5 percent or less (§ 150.0(m)11B1).
3. All installed air-conditioner and heat pump systems shall be equipped with liquid line filter driers as specified by manufacturer’s instructions (§ 150.0(h)3B).
4. Storage hot water heaters no longer need to be externally wrapped (§ 150.0(j)1).
5. All luminaires must be “high-efficacy” (§ 150.0(k)1A).
6. Isolation valves must be installed on instantaneous water heaters that have a minimum input of 6.8 kBTU/hr (§ 110.3(c)7).